ََQ1. What are the benefits may I got from attending CUCBS ?

This conference represents an excellent opportunity to present your papers, to get engaged with cutting edge research and to share your experience and insights in all areas of Accounting, Finance, Business Management, and Insurance and Actuarial Science. There will be ample opportunities for networking and exchanging of ideas with conference delegates and keynote speakers. 


Q2. Where should I stay?

I. The conference will be held at Marriot Hotel in Zamalik district.

There are few available rooms for early registration, and Marriott hotel offers a special rate for conference delegates, to register for accommodation or to get more information, please use the following link:


II. Guest House- Cairo University Campus (*)



Non Egyptian

Single room /night  



Double room /night




*Please email your request to cucbs@foc.cu.edu.eg

III.Other nearby hotels are:

-Semiramis Intercontinental

-Ramses Hilton

-Conrad Cairo


 Q3. Where do I go to submit my paper?

-    Paper should be submitted online (Submission form).

-    By submitting, the author's agree that papers will be published online on the conference 
      website. ONLINE SUBMISSION

Q4. Which kind of papers can I submit for the CUCBS conference?

-   Submissions can range from early working papers to fully developed papers.

-   Fully developed papers will be presented in the Main Sessions and working papers will be                      presented in Research Forum Sessions or Posters.

Q5. Do I have to become a CU member in order to submit my proposal for the Conference?

-  No, CUCBS welcomes submission by all scholars from all over the world

Q6. Which format I should send the full paper? And in which language?


Paper files should be provided in Microsoft Word format.

Full Paper Length

Papers should be 20 pages max., including references, tables, figures and appendices.

Page Layout

- A4 size page formatting 
- 2.5cm margins on all sides 
- Single-spaced throughout

Font Size

 For title, it should be Times New Roman 14-point font.

 Use Times New Roman 12 point font throughout.



- Submissions can be in English or in Arabic in any areas of accounting, finance, business management and insurance, risk management and actuarial science

Q7. When will I know if my paper has been accepted?

-   Corresponding author will receive a notice of acceptance by January 20th, 2018.


Q8. What is the length of Oral Paper Presentation?

- Normally the allocated time for each technical presentation is 15-20 minutes including discussions? The conference convener will communicate the exact time before 10 days for the conference with the final remind.

َQ9. How many papers can present by one person?

- While authors may submit multiple papers, the author is limited to one presentation at the conference

Registration and Payment

Q10. Where do I go to register for the  conference?

- You May register for the 2018 conference via our Online Registration Form. All conference participants must register by the final registration date March 14, 2018 or their presentation information will not appear in the printed conference program.

Q11. Are there any funding opportunities to have my travel covered?

-  We are unable to offer any financial assistance or waive conference fees at this time. In the event that this changes, we will update the website and email all registered participants.

Q12. Do I have to present at the conference to attend?

-  Absolutely not! CUCBS welcomes attendance by all scholars across the world, regardless of their participation in conference.

Q13. May I register for a single day at a reduced rate?

-   No, unfortunately single-day registration is not permitted.

Q14. In which base the research students can get the 50% discount?

-   It is for Cairo University members with papers accepted.

Q15. Is the Registration fee per paper or per person?

-  The registration fee is per person.

Q16. When should I pay?

-  You can pay your registration fee once you received the abstract acceptance notification. Do your payment as soon as possible to get the benefit of early bird rate. However, you are required to pay before two weeks for the conference.

Q17. Which payment mode I can use?

-  You can make cash payment at the faculty.

Q18. Can I receive refund of my registration fee?

-  No, it is not allowed.

Q19. If I submit more than one co-authored paper, do I have to pay for all papers if I wish to present more than one paper?

- If the author submits more than one co-authored paper, a maximum of up to 2 papers can be accepted without extra fees

Q20. How many co-author names can be included in a paper?

-  There are no restrictions on the number of co-authors names included in a paper.

Dress Code

Q21. What is the dress code for conference?

-  The dress code at all our events is business attire.