Paper submission

Submissions can range from early working papers to fully developed papers. Fully developed papers 

will be presented in the Main Sessions and working papers will be presented in Research Forum Sessions 

or Posters. Please submit your full paper (for the main session) and abstract (for research forum or poster)

Submission  Guidelines.

We invite you to submit full papers in any  track by 15st January 2018. 


§    Full Paper: 20 pages max., including references, tables, and figures

§   Word format

§     A4 size page formatting

§    2.5 cm margins on all sides

§    For title, it should be in Times New Roman 14-point font.

§    Use Times New Roman 12 point font throughout. 

§     Single-spaced throughout


§    Submissions can be in English or in Arabic in any areas of accounting, finance, 

   business management and insurance,risk management  and  actuarial science 


§   Correspondence will be directed to submitting author.

§   Corresponding author will receive a notice of acceptance by 20th January, 2018.

§   If there are multiple authors, please indicate which author is presenting the paper

    in the submission.

§ While authors may submit multiple papers, the author is limited to one presentation

 at the conference.

§    If the author submits more than one coauthored paper, a maximum of up to 2 papers

   can be accepted.

§   In the case of multiple submissions with the same author(s), each submission has to 

  have a different corresponding author.

Online submission

§   Paper should be submitted online (Submission form).

§   By submitting, the author's agree that his/her paper will be published online on the 

   conference website. 


Conference program

§  Paper will not be placed on the schedule until at least the presenting author has registered

  to attend the conference.

§ The submission can be either a presentation in a main session, a workshop or as a poster.

§ The corresponding author needs to register for the conference by 20th February 2018.



§  Please Do Not include in the main document any information that can identify the author(s).

§  Full papers can be considered for publication in Egyptian Accounting Review, Egyptian

    Business Review and  Egyptian Insurance Review  (Published by Cairo University).

§ For further questions, please contact us via the conference e-mail :